Saturday, August 10, 2013

Like Father, Like Son: The Journey to Stardom


Daniel House chatted with Vikings running back Bradley Randle and his dad, MLB legend Lenny Randle at an autograph signing at the Mall of America.

Today at Mall of America, former MLB baseball player Lenny Randle was on hand with his son, Vikings running back Bradley Randle, to sign autographs at the New Era store.

Lenny, a former baseball player for the Washington Senators, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and the Seattle Mariners, was a fixture in the middle infield for many seasons in the MLB. Not only was Lenny a baseball player, but he had talent on the gridiron as a football player during his days at Arizona State University. After receiving his bachelor's degree in education, he was drafted by the Washington Senators with the #1 overall selection. He was named the MLB MVP in 1977 as a second baseman with the the New York Mets. He later became the first major league baseball player to play professionally in Italy. Randle was managed by the great Joe Torre and mingled with greats such as Randy Johnson, Rollie Fingers, Ken Griffey, George Brett and many more famous major league players.

He spent a total of 17 seasons in baseball and was inducted into the football and baseball Hall of Fame's at Arizona State University.

Now, his son Bradley is making a charge onto the Vikings roster this season. We have talked to him frequently and have been following his journey into the league. Daniel House caught up with him today at the Mall of America during the autograph signing. He got his take on his father, his NFL experiences, and his first game in purple at Mall of America Field.

In the time I chatted with the Randle family, I could see the connection between father and son. Lenny is a very high-spirited individual, which is a trait we see on the field frequently from Bradley. In an interview, I asked Lenny about his son Bradley and what the experience was like leading up to his undrafted signing with the Minnesota Vikings. To add, I also discussed his time in the MLB and how he has impacted his son's path to the league.

One thing is certain, the father and son relationship between Lenny and Bradley displays a very strong bond, which has led both of them to the success they have accomplished in their athletic careers. Not only has his father made an impact, but his mom Linda has added to Bradley's success by the way she has raised her son. She is an amazing lady and has provided morals and advice to Bradley since the day he was born. The Randle family has instilled great values in their son Bradley and are ready to see him succeed with this organization. It was an honor to be in the presence of this great family and to continue following Bradley's journey to the Vikings roster.


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