Saturday, June 29, 2013

One Year of Vikings Coverage

It is a monumental day here at Vikings Corner and we are proud of the accomplishments and strides we have made in one year of existence.

Note from writer Daniel House:

"I would like to thank the supporters of Vikings Corner and those who have made an impact on the website since the beginning. It has brought a great sense of satisfaction to those involved. The opportunity to cover the Minnesota Vikings and bring you the most relevant information is a true honor. We have watched our site grow from a small display, to a multi-window navigation in less than a year. In 120 posts since our "kickoff" on June 29th of 2012 we have proven our analysis is some of the best in the "blogosphere". This has been solidified through reader feedback and traffic statistics. Our success is attributed to the reader and we thank you for the interest in our site. We will continue our quest to provide the best Vikings news to you. A special thank you to those who have mentored me during the creation of Vikings Corner, your help made the project possible. To my family members and those who support my endeavors, thank you for the role you play in the existence of the site, it is much appreciated. I look forward to an exciting 2013 season with many great memories of Vikings football present throughout the state of Minnesota. One thing is certain, Vikings Corner will be with you for every moment of the 2013 season. Skol Vikings!"

Thank you for your continued support of Vikings Corner. Stay tuned for the latest news during training camp and the days leading up to the start of the season.

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