Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gage Hall: A Memory for 47 Years

Daniel House takes a stroll down memory lane and recalls his memories of Gage Hall on the campus of Mankato State University.

The Vikings have called Minnesota State University, Mankato home for training camp for the last 47 years, but when the team makes the trip south this July, they will be staying in a new dorm. The historic Gage Hall was imploded today at 9:30 a.m. on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Built in 1965, the towers held a countless amount of students and former Vikings players during its history.

In a interview with the VEN, former head coach Bud Grant recalled the long August days when the temperature reached over 90 degrees.

"The sheets would stick to you. The players would sleep well, but it would take the coaches until about 3 a.m. to cool down enough to sleep."

He credited the dorms as building character and one of the ways his players developed continuity for the season.

This year the team will slide over to Julia Sears Hall, which held the team prior to the 2010 season due to construction at Gage. The project brings air conditioning to the facility and many more amenities for the players and students residing in the hall.

Below are several new facts about the new facility and the amenities it will bring to the students of Mankato State.

In the Julia Sears Residence Hall

  • Multi-purpose community space
  • 1872 Grill and Convenience Store
  • Eating area
  • Study lounge
  • Wireless internet service in common areas
  • Resident mailboxes and package pick-up
  • Card access at entries
  • Great view of campus
  • Lots of green space
When making the famous drive down Stadium Road in Mankato, a major fixture will be missing from the skyline. Gage Hall has held many memories for students and Vikings players during its tenure in Mankato. It will be strange seeing the players making a new commute, rather than the normal "move-in" day at Gage. When thinking about the players who have made their way through the hall, it is hard to believe the high caliber teams that were formulated in the muggy Mankato air. Not only has it been full of memories for players, but for fans who have made the trip to the campus for training camp each and every season. The memories kids made when a Vikings player would drop his bike, sign an autograph, and pose for a picture, before pedaling down the sidewalk to Gage Hall. That is the memory many will miss most.  Even watching practice will be strange without the Gage towers gliding high in the sky from the distance. Ever since many can remember, Gage was home to the Vikings for 3 weeks every August.

All good things must come to an end and the upgrades will help make life easier for players, coaches, and the students who will be staying on the campus during the majority of the year.

Sit back and think of the memories your family has made during Gage Hall's existence and never forget the impact the residence hall had on the success of the organization. After taking the short trip down memory lane, plan your vacation to Mankato and watch out favorite football team begin their quest to football immortality in 2013.

It is sad to see the memories fade away, but it will be a new beginning to a season full of potential success.

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