Monday, July 9, 2012

Position Analysis: Quarterbacks

We are starting a new segment here at Vikings Corner, where we are going to break down every position group of the Minnesota Vikings. Today, we will look at the Quarterbacks on the roster.

The Vikings will begin this season with Christian Ponder at the helm of the offense. Ponder will have an offseason under his belt after the Lockout plagued 2011 season yielded him no offseason activities. I feel this will be an advantage for the Vikings offense because they will have some cohesiveness. Also, Christian will have a season of NFL experience to grow upon.

Ponder will have a better grasp of the offense this season and will have an offensive line in front of him with the addition of Matt Kalil. I also like the idea that Christian has bulked up and added 20 pounds of muscle. This will help him better withstand hits in this league.

Everyone was extremely concerned about Ponder's arm strength coming out of Florida State and I never seen that at all last season. I felt he could make all the throws he needed to make. The only issue Ponder had was reading the coverages and progressions of the defense. If he can fix this issue, he can become an elite level quarterback and will be a long term option for the Vikings.

I would like to see the Vikings better utilize Joe Webb in different game situations. Putting him in for "Blazer" wasn't the right way to use Joe Webb. I would really like to see Ponder be able to air it out to Webb on fade patterns. Webb has such a great skill set he needs to be used as much as possible. I believe Webb has the athletic ability to move to the wide receiver position.

I can honestly say the quarterback position has indeed been upgraded over past seasons. At least we don't have a new 40 year old quarterback each season. I finally feel like we have a long term option at this position. Overall, if the Vikings  quarterback position is going to be successful this season, Ponder needs to improve his knowledge for coverages and progressions and Joe Webb needs to be utilized as a threat for other teams to scheme for.

We will take a look at the running back position in our next position analysis. Thanks for reading!

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