Sunday, July 15, 2012

Position Analysis: Fullback/H-Back

The Vikings will see dividends of improvement at H-Back this season,
with the new addition of Rhett Ellison to the team.

Today on Vikings Corner will look at the Fullbacks and H-Backs on the roster. This position wasn't a strength of the Vikings last season. Many people thought Ryan D'Imperio was a disappointment as a run blocker and felt like he just didn't fit the bill as a fullback. I agree with the statement partially, but I feel he has upside as a fullback. He has a great attitude, works hard, and was better than Nafahu Tahi by light years. He is an average option as a fullback in this league.

One thought I have established is moving D'Imperio back to linebacker. In college, he played linebacker and the Vikings drafted him to become a fullback. I think he would be a decent option to improve a weak linebacking core. I know this may be unrealistic, but it is definitely a thought to help improve a weak area of our team. If anyone can do it Ryan can with his strong leadership and work ethic.

Jerome Felton was brought in to provide a possible upgrade. Yes, I did like Felton's ability as a pass-catcher and run blocker. He probably is an upgrade to D'Imperio, but not in the discipline category. After the DUI run-in at McDonald's, the Vikings don't need him on this roster. We need strong character to build up this team from the bottom of the totem pole.

I absolutely love the addition of Rhett Ellison to replace Jim Kleinsasser as the "trench man." He not only is a "brute" that can be a great run blocker, he has better hands than Jim Kleinsasser ever had. He made many big catches at USC and when you watch game tape he has great hands. One game was against UCLA last season when he caught a short intermediate route in the back of the endzone while fully extended. I really like this addition, and I feel it is a nice improvement to the H-Back position.

Overall, the Vikings have to decide the type of fullback they want, and have an excellent H-Back to pave the way for the best running back in the National Football League!

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