Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Update: Bridgewater suffers dislocated knee, torn ACL, other structural damage

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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer addressed the media following the injury of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater during Tuesday's practice. A statement was later released revealing Bridgewater dislocated his knee, tore his ACL, and suffered other structural damage.

Updated: August 30th, 2016 5:00pm

By: Daniel House

The Minnesota Vikings announced quarterback Teddy Bridgewater dislocated his knee, tore his ACL, and suffered other structural damage in his left knee.

In a statement from the Vikings Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman, the injury was explained in detail:

"Teddy Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury today at practice. The injury was quickly identified as a dislocated knee. The injury was stabilized, and he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation. After undergoing an MRI, it was determined that Teddy suffered a complete tear to his ACL and other structural damage. Fortunately, there appears to be no nerve or arterial damage. Surgical repair will be scheduled within the next few days. Although the recovery time will be significant, we expect Teddy to make a full recovery. I would like to thank all of the medical professionals and our athletic training staff for all of their help today. Teddy has already displayed the attitude needed to overcome this injury and attack his rehab."

In a press conference with the media earlier today, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a "significant knee injury" during practice. We now know Bridgewater will miss the remainder of the season with this injury.

During his news conference, Mike Zimmer expressed his confidence in veteran quarterback Shaun Hill, but said he and GM Rick Spielman will evaluate all of the options available at quarterback.

“You know, I have confidence in Shaun [Hill],” Zimmer explained. “I think he’s played great this preseason..The thing we have to all remember is that this is all about the team."

It was easy to see the emotion Zimmer displayed as he talked about one of his players. Mike Zimmer even referenced his wife, Vikki, who passed away seven years ago. He told reporters even when times are tough, the sun will still come up tomorrow.

Zimmer explained, "My wife passed away 7 years ago and it was a tough day, but the sun still came up the next day."

Since Mike Zimmer arrived in Minnesota, he has always preached the philosophy of mentally strong and disciplined players. He also is known for his "no excuses" personality.

Today, he said, "We're not looking for excuses." Zimmer added, "We're not going to stick our heads in the sand."

Zimmer said he spoke with one of his mentors, Bill Parcells, after the injury happened. Zimmer also said he has communicated in spirit with his late father, Bill Zimmer. Bill was a hall of fame high school football coach in Illinois and was one of Mike Zimmer's biggest coaching mentors.

“He always found a way to do it,” Zimmer said. “And we’re gonna figure out a way. Everybody can count us out if they want, but I think that would be the wrong thing to do.”

Zimmer explained they will find a way to win football games and give everything they have to make it happen. Zimmer listed several of his starters and said, "I'll take them with me in an alley anywhere."

The head coach added, "We're going to figure out the very best way we can beat a team that we play that week. If it's running it 65 times or throwing it 65 times, it still doesn't matter."

"That’s our job,” Zimmer said. “Find a way.”

In the end, Zimmer was most concerned about the health and well-being of his young quarterback. Mike Zimmer's message for Teddy Bridgewater was: "Hang in there, we're with you, and we're hoping for the best."

The Vikings will now shift their attention towards improving the quarterback position and may need to add another player through free agency or via trade. Bridgewater will now shift his attention towards making a full recovery from a devastating injury.

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