Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Farewell to Rosen's Sports Sunday

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Daniel House says farewell to Rosen's Sports Sunday and shares his own memories of the iconic show. 

Updated: May 22nd, 2016 7:15pm

By: Daniel House

There are few television programs that have made an impact on Minnesota sports like Rosen's Sports Sunday. Sunday nights on WCCO have become synonymous with Mark Rosen interviewing the top athletes or breaking down the big games from the week. Rosen has shared the couch with over 3,000 guests, including the likes of Kirby Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, Bud Grant, and Fran Tarkenton. Rosen has brought Minnesota sports fans closer to the teams and athletes they admire the most.

Across Minnesota, when the television comes on at 10:35pm, everyone is watching to see who "Rosie" is interviewing. There is nobody better at asking questions and getting the most out of an interview. He gave every interview, feature story, or question the most detail and thought. Mark Rosen had the best athletes and coaches on Rosen's Sports Sunday because they respected the way he did his job. When you watched Rosen's Sports Sunday, you knew at least one of your favorite local stars, analysts, or former players would share the couch with Rosen. More importantly, you always knew you would learn a new fact or watch a meaningful story when you tuned into the show. I can't believe that Rosen's Sports Sunday's tenure is coming to a close as CBS shifts to an hour-long 10pm newscast.

I remember growing up as a young kid who aspired to write about sports. On Sunday, I would just wait to see the programming lineup Mark Rosen had set for the show that night. Back in elementary school, I always looked forward to school breaks because it was the only time my parents would let me stay up to watch the program at 10:35pm. I would sit about two inches from the TV just waiting to see the interviews with the athletes I admired the most. Early in middle school, I started to explore the career of sports journalism and paid close attention to the interview style Rosen used when he talked with his guests. I knew I was witnessing sports immortality with my own eyes. My favorite time of the year was when Rosen's Sports Sunday took place from Mankato, MN at Vikings training camp. Once you saw Mike Tice, Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier, or Mike Zimmer taking time to talk with Mark Rosen at Blakeslee Stadium, you knew football season was right around the corner.

I feel that Rosen's Sports Sunday was a program that always fueled my passion of sports at a young age. The ability to see a Minnesota athlete talk about a game, life, or their latest endeavor was something I never missed. It confirmed that interviewing players and sharing ideas with the public was something I wanted to pursue in the future. As I grew older, I started this website and decided to begin my journey at the University of Minnesota last year. I like to think Rosen's Sports Sunday was a program that blossomed my love for sports and journalism at a young age.

Tonight, one of the most historic programs in the history of Minnesota broadcasting will come to a 35-year close. It won't be the same Sunday night without Mark Rosen saying "Hello, and welcome to Rosen Sports Sunday." However, the memories Rosen provided through this show will carry on for generations with the sports fans in Minnesota. Thankfully, Mark will continue his 40+ year career at WCCO as he delivers the sports news from the anchor desk. There is no talent in any market that has the track record Mark Rosen has developed. He is someone any young journalist or broadcaster should aspire to be.

Rosen's Sports Sunday may be coming to a triumphant close, but it will forever be remembered as a historical fabric of sports in the state of Minnesota.

Every interview and feature story will live forever, but when Mark Rosen signs off for the last time tonight at 10:35pm, Sunday nights will never feel the same in Minnesota.

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