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Chad Greenway Has One Vision -- To Help Others

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway has continually made an impact on families in the Twin Cities area. Now, he’s asking for your help as the More Than Words campaign is quickly coming to a close. 

Updated: August 13th, 2015 9:53am

By: Daniel House

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway has made it his mission to help the Twin Cities community through his Lead the Way Foundation. As many of you may already know, Vikings Corner, Daily Norseman, VikesFans, Vikings Territory, and Vikings Journal have partnered to launch the More Than Words campaign. All of your donations thus far have helped our websites accumulate nearly $4,000 for the Chad’s Locker program. The donation window will be open until August 22nd and we are hopeful we can still reach our $10,000 goal.

Chad’s Lockers are located in area hospitals and provide patients and their family access to notebook computers, video game systems, movies, and other items to help them feel more at home during extended stays in the hospital. Six of these lockers are located at hospitals throughout the Twin Cities area.

I caught up with Chad Greenway after practice to talk about the More Than Words campaign. He continued to echo the type of impact these lockers make not only on the kids, but the families going through this difficult time.

“Our locker program, probably reaches out to more families and kids than any of our other programs. We look for a way to reach out and touch as many lives as possible,” Greenway explained. “Not just necessarily the kid that is being affected by the disease, but also the family members and the parents. Our locker room program is something that gives us a chance to do that.”

Greenway and his wife Jenni, started Lead the Way in 2008, and have continually made it their goal to touch the lives of the people within the Twin Cities community. In eight years, the Greenway’s charitable efforts are estimated to have impacted over 350,000 people.

Chad recently went through the same process when his father, Alan, was diagnosed with leukemia. Alan battled the disease for more than two years and Chad was right by his side. He recalls how difficult it was for his family during Alan’s time in the hospital.

“I went through that situation with my dad over the last few years and you kind of understand and appreciate how hard that situation is for families and I think it kind of led us to want to do more,” Greenway said.

Chad lost his dad in December of 2014 to leukemia. Now, he uses his Alan’s legacy as more motivation to help families who are currently going through difficult situations.

“I think when you’re a guy that’s doing charity work or anyone else that is, you understand that it could be you in that situation at any moment. It could be your child, it could be you, it could be your wife,” Greenway said.

With the help of your donations, Lead the Way will continue to help children all over the state of Minnesota. Chad can’t thank everyone enough for their support of the Chad’s Locker program. Your money will help ensure the lockers stay up-to-date and provide the best experience for families.

“With the More Than Words social media push, it’s about funding our lockers, and continuing to add new things. We try to update our lockers quarterly to keep the stuff fresh and More Than Words is helping with that. We are certainly grateful for the five different sites that are helping us out. Those five sites have been unbelievable and I think with any charitable giving it’s about awareness and it’s certainly helped push that,” Greenway explained.

These lockers are having a first-hand impact on families who are utilizing this resource.

Here is a testimonial from a mother who used Chad’s Locker during her young son’s stay in the hospital:

“My son was born very early, at 28 weeks, and spent most of his first year in and out of the University of Minnesota Amplatz, now the Masonic Children's Hospital. He was very little, and was always attached to IV's and tube feedings, and wasn't very mobile. We used the locker for the portable DVD players so he could still watch Thomas while lying in bed. It kept him distracted from the pain and sickness. He met several Vikings players while there, as we always seemed to be there for a holiday like Thanksgiving! The generosity of this team, and of Chad, is simply overwhelmingly wonderful to the parents who are isolated within the hospital rooms with a sick child.” - Tina

It cannot be reiterated enough how much Chad Greenway cares about others. He takes time out of his busy schedule to help people each and every day. Now, it’s time to support Chad as he continues to impact families across Minnesota.

Any type of donation would be greatly appreciated to help us reach our goal. Please spread the word to all of your family, friends, and co-workers. The More Than Words donation window will be open until August 22nd.

Head over to the donation page and support Vikings Corner! Follow the link:

You will be taken through the payment process and once you fill out the necessary information, you will be allowed to select which Vikings website you would like to dedicate your donation to.

Let’s all come together and help Chad Greenway make his vision a reality!

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