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How should the Vikings handle Adrian Peterson?

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The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the team is preparing their final draft board. Does that mean that the fate of Adrian Peterson will be coming soon? Daniel House explains his stance on the future of the disgruntled running back.

Updated: April 26th, 2015 6:00pm

By: Daniel House

The NFL Draft is a less than five days away and as the clock slowly approaches Thursday, the speculation of whether Adrian Peterson will be traded takes another turn. It seems logical that a draft day trade is one of the last possible situations to move the disgruntled running back. Rumors have circulated about the Vikings front office being interested in trading Peterson if the price is right. The Vikings have openly expressed their interest for him to return to their roster, but it could merely be a smokescreen. Peterson has been one of the most successful running backs in the league over the last eight years. He quickly became the face of the Vikings franchise and his abilities on the field were pivotal to build the roster. Now, the team has added other pieces and the team has stabilized the quarterback position with Teddy Bridgewater handling the duties. Mike Zimmer is trying to build the defense and by trading Peterson, the Vikings would have the potential to add some dominant pieces to expedite this process.

If the organization was to trade Peterson, I anticipate a deal to take place with AFC opponents like Jacksonville, Oakland, or San Diego. It will take some work for a team to add Peterson to their roster because the Vikings asking price will be high. GM Rick Spielman is yearning for the best possible draft picks to enhance the roster. It is also expected the team could be looking for another proven player to be factored into a portion of the trade. I don't expect teams will be willing to award a high draft pick, but I don't think the Vikings are going waver from their asking price. Nonetheless, we don't know the team is asking for a first round pick, or if they are even considering trading him. In order to move Adrian Peterson, the trade has to include draft picks that suffice the talent level and production of a high caliber player.

The only way this trade will take place is if a team awards a second round pick and a proven player that can immediately make an impact on the Vikings roster. It would make perfect sense to add a proven cornerback that could play opposite of Xavier Rhodes or a linebacker to pair with Anthony Barr. From a trade standpoint, it will take the right deal for the Vikings to a move a player that can be another threat for their offense. However, if they are awarded with the right package to trade him and he is moved to an opponent in the AFC, I don't believe trading Adrian Peterson is an entirely bad idea. The team has added pieces on offense that can make plays and they can easily transition to add play makers via the draft. The picks received for Peterson will allow the team to not only address their needs for dynamic threats on offense, but it opens the door for trades and other draft day deals that can improve their defense.

In the event the Vikings do keep Peterson, he may not be satisfied and could hold out until he is awarded the move he feels is best suited for his future. Reports have indicated Peterson may be unsatisfied with his current contract situation. Peterson is under contract for the next three years for $43.25 million, including $12.75 million in 2015. However, none of that money is guaranteed and Peterson wants more stability. I don't see the Vikings adding any money to his contract because it seems like it could be bad publicity for the organization. If Peterson returns, it will be because the team cannot find a suitable trade partner. He could attempt to hold out, but the team is in control since they have him under contract.

Many of you have been asking whether I believe Adrian Peterson will be traded. My gut tells me a draft day trade will take place. The Vikings don't want to tip their hand or give away the value they are looking for. A team will make the trade on draft day and will give the Vikings the value that is necessary.

In the opposite scenario, if Peterson is still on the roster after the first round of the draft, it most likely signals he will be a Minnesota Viking in 2015.

Ultimately, there is no clear indication what the Vikings organization will do with Adrian Peterson, but the answer will be coming sooner rather than later.

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