Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Years of Football Coverage

Vikings Corner turns two years old today and Daniel House takes time to thank the readers for their viewership, along with others who have impacted this website during its tenure. 

Updated: June 29th, 2014 11:59am

By: Daniel House

On June 29th, 2012, Vikings Corner embarked on a journey to provide Minnesota Vikings fans with some of the best coverage on the internet. Two years later, our website has exploded to new heights, en route to becoming one of the top Vikings websites on the internet.

When I started this process, I never thought my content could stretch all over the world. Little did I know- it could. Vikings Corner spreads to over 16 countries throughout the world and has amassed over 150,000 all-time page views in this short period of time. This affirms the message I'm trying to portray in this post: we couldn't do it without all of your support.

Through reading our website, you have provided the chance for us to grow. Vikings Corner has had the opportunity to cover the Vikings Draft Party and Vikings training camp as a credentialed media member. I will be doing the same thing over the next year and I will continue to develop ways to grow our coverage in both of those avenues. My goal is to provide Vikings fans with elite NFL analysis, combined with player stories that help you learn more about who laces up the cleats every Sunday.

First of all, I have to thank some people who have impacted me during this process.

The Readers: None of our coverage could be the same without your support and viewership on a daily basis. I started this website with the thought it would be a way for me to document my talents and build my resume as a writer, but it has turned into much more. I have met so many readers and all the kind comments and discussions that take place are very cool to see. I hope to continue these relationships, while meeting more readers and continuing to build the following at Vikings Corner. Rest assured, we will continue what we do every day and will do our best to build our platform to an even larger level.

My Family & Friends: Thanks for taking an interest in my writing and providing me with the support I need to be successful. Without your help, I wouldn't have the resources I need to grow as a writer. I know I can rely on all of you to help this journey continue to grow and I look forward to the next few years as I continue on my path.

The Minnesota Vikings Players: Thanks for always being willing to take some time to interview for our website. It is a great way for me to grow as a reporter and provide some very unique content to my readers.

The Minnesota Vikings Organization: Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your willingness to involve Vikings Corner as a media outlet for the Minnesota Vikings. A special thank you goes to Bob Hagan, Jon Ekstrom, Jeff Anderson, and all of the PR interns for always being accommodating and more than willing to assist me.

My Mentors: I have met so many writers throughout this process that have been willing to help me learn tools that I can take on my career path and utilize on this website. Thank you to Paul Charchian for always being willing to help me become a better writer and for pushing me in the right direction in journalism. Thanks to the Randle Family for their positive words of encouragement and their willingness to help me reach my dreams. Finally, thanks to all of the writers I have met throughout this journey that have provided me with advice, it is much appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who has impacted me during the life of this website, I couldn't do it without you. 

I look forward to another year of coverage at Vikings Corner and hope I can continue to bring you some of the best information on the web.

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