Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vikings Fans Stand Behind Bradley Randle

Bradley Randle was released yesterday, but fans want him to know they stand behind him and appreciate everything he has done during his time with the Minnesota Vikings.

Since Bradley Randle arrived in Minnesota, I have had the privilege to follow his NFL journey. A high-character man who aspires to be great, Randle has been an inspiration to many who have followed his career. The first out of the weight room and the last to leave, Randle has poured his heart and soul into the Minnesota Vikings organization. When others left for vacation after mini-camp, Bradley stayed in Minnesota to study the playbook and become a student of the game.  This is the type of effort the Vikings need to truly be a great football organization. He spent the entire offseason working near his California home to grow as an athlete, in an effort to make Vikings fans proud. As you all know, running back Bradley Randle was released yesterday to make room for 15 undrafted rookies. My inbox blew up with comments regarding the situation, along with many people asking for a post to thank him for his time with the team. The fans range from fathers who are searching for a role model for their son or daughter, or kids who are just looking for a star they can interact with. This truly shows the wide variety of people Bradley Randle has impacted in his short time with the Minnesota Vikings. The door hasn’t been completely shut on Randle returning, as the Vikings will evaluate the rookies at the running back position during the first mini-camp this week, but fans are looking to thank him for everything he has done and wish him well in the future.

“I would like to start by thanking Bradley Randle for his time with the Minnesota Vikings organization. In the event you don’t return, I wish you the best in everything you do. Keep driven and focused on the task and you can accomplish anything. Thank you for allowing me to follow you and for connecting me with your family. I hope somehow you return to the organization, so we can keep the positive life, positive vibes, and positive attitude rolling in the state of Minnesota.” – Daniel House

"After some experience working with Bradley Randle, I've found that his desire to reach his full potential as both a football player in today's NFL and as a man is extremely high. He knows how blessed he is to be in the position he is and that is something he doesn't ever take for granted, like so many of his peers do. Instead, he is willing to do whatever it takes to help him, even in the smallest ways. His hunger to achieve more is what will be his calling card to making an impact somewhere in this league." - Shawn Myszka, Optimize Movement

"I think having a player be passionate about the team he is on is huge. When a player is like that there is a great sense of pride. He's willing to run through a wall for the guy who is standing next to him on the field. It's not about him, but rather the team. A player who is passionate about his team can push his other teammates and get the most out of them. Tim Tebow wasn't a great NFL QB, but I haven't seen a passionate player like that in a long time." - Matthew Babeu

"Bradley Randle is Rudy. You want to cheer for him, you want to see him succeed. He deserves a chance." - Kevin Jackson 

"Bradley Randle has a great passion for football and for the Vikings. Fans love a player thats all about football and that's how he quickly became the fan favorite. I hope he continues to work hard and gets another shot with an NFL team." - Jamal Tibbs

"As a fan, you love the passion he had to succeed because you knew he was putting in the work to get better. His dedication and positivity made me a huge fan of his and made me pull for him to succeed. I love the way he embraced the Viking fan base and the way he embraced being a Viking. I hope we give him another shot in the future." - Stephen A. Turner

"It was refreshing to see Bradley Randle. In a world where people seem to have things handed to them on a silver platter, I loved seeing a guy who is in a league of people who are often seen as "lucky" for their situation, working as hard as he can for a dream. He didn't get handed a mega contract and then play lazy. He didn't have a clear shot to an NFL roster. Even today he still has to work on and off of the roster to make sure that his dream stays alive. The guy stays hungry (fitting his Twitter picture is a lion) and keeps working and grinding to be an NFL player. You can tell it's something he wants so badly that he will move mountains to make it happen. I absolutely love people with drives like that, and the fact that he's a football player fighting for a spot on my favorite team makes it nearly impossible for me to not love the guy." - Alex Paulson

"Just heard the news about RB Bradley Randle being released. This saddens me, but I kind of knew something was up when they drafted RB Jerick McKinnon in the 3rd round. Unfortunately in the NFL, size DOES matter. Sure he may be small, but he is all heart when it comes to playing football. And he's got speed. Bradley is arguably one of the hardest working rookies around. It is a well known fact he was the first guy to show up to training camp practice every day last season. This guy is very resilient. He is a man of faith and has been blessed with his father's athletic ability. Make no mistake, Bradley Randle is determined to succeed. He's no quitter. Someone will pick him up as a free agent. I am confident Bradley will be a deadly weapon, if not with the Vikings, on another team's offense. He will surely be an asset wherever he ends up. As a Vikings fan, I'd like to have him on OUR side rather than against. But, either way, we haven't seen the last of Bradley Randle. That you can be sure of!" 
- Karen J. Larson (Twitter @onefunnygook)

No matter what Bradley Randle decides to do in life, or where he ends up, Vikings fans will forever remember his time with the team and truly appreciate the impact he has made in Minnesota.

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