Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Report: Matt Cassel to opt out of contract

Matt Cassel voided his contract for the 2014 season with the Vikings this morning. What does this mean for the team and what should the organization do moving forward? Daniel House explains it all in his latest post. 

Matt Cassel needed to make a decision this week regarding his mutual option in his two-year contract he signed last March, but according to Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN, the decision has been made. Cassel has decided to void the final year of his contract ($3.7 million), which means he will hit the free agent market in 2014.

The mutual option clause on the deal gives the Vikings the right pay $500,000 to Cassel when he walks away from the contract. The veteran quarterback and his agent evidently believe he can receive more compensation by hitting the market, which is a likely possibility. This doesn't mean Cassel won't attempt to receive a more lucrative contract and make a return to the Vikings, but it seems like an unlikely occurrence.

The quarterback position is arguably one of the biggest focuses of the Vikings offseason and with Christian Ponder as the only signed quarterback currently on the roster, the shuffling isn't over at this point. With a less than impressive free agent quarterback class in 2014, it seems likely this position will be addressed through the draft.

With the Vikings desperately yearning for a franchise quarterback, don't be surprised if they look through the trade market to find a reliable gunslinger to compete for the starting job. Although it is seems unlikely, the Vikings could make a play for Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who has reportedly requested a trade from the organization.

In my opinion, the more likely scenario remains for the Vikings to draft a quarterback in May and let Christian Ponder dual it out with the new draftee. Could Christian Ponder fit in Norv Turner's system? This is a topic that will need to be discussed as the draft and free agency swiftly approaches, but with #7 as the only option on the roster, it could be a possibility.

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