Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Wide Receiver Discussion

Daniel House talks with wide receivers Jerome Simpson and Jarius Wright to get their thoughts on the upcoming season and training camp thus far.  

Jerome Simpson is having a great training camp this year and seems to be developing nicely. He appears more focused and willing to be coached. He was utilized frequently during the night scrimmage and connected on a 50-yard reception from Christian Ponder. Now that he is 100% healthy, he is ready to make an impact. Simpson is showing that he is maturing and developing, which is encouraging for the success of this team. In the interview below, Daniel House talks with Jerome and discusses his goals for the 2013 season.

Jarius Wright is continuing his emergence as a receiver and is running great routes. He is excellent at executing double moves and has split the defense over the top on several occasions. Vikings fans are expecting big things this season from the second year Razorback. In the interview below, Daniel House asks him how he improved this offseason.

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