Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AP for MVP

Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs to ever put on a uniform in the NFL. He is playing at an elite level fresh off a tear in his ACL, MCL, and PCL. The remarkable story is his effectiveness in less than a year from this type of injury. He his having his best season ever and is on pace to break the single season rushing record (2,105 yards) held by former running back Eric Dickerson. The only task ahead is to rush for 294 yards over the next two games against Houston and Green Bay. Houston has the fifth ranked run defense in the NFL allowing only 90.8 yards per game. This will be Peterson's toughest game en route to busting the record. Adrian was successful in Green Bay, rushing for 210 yards in the previous matchup several weeks ago. Many people have been asking me over the past few days; does Adrian Peterson really have a chance to break the single season rushing record? My answer is an empathic yes due to several reasons that have made Peterson successful.

First of all, can we really doubt Adrian Peterson? Less than a year removed from major knee surgery, he is playing at an MVP caliber level. Is there any reason to think he won't be able to finish what he has started? He is cutting with fierce movement and is getting laterally faster than any running back in the NFL. If the offensive line and fullback can seal the edge, Peterson will hit the hole, make several cuts and will bust for a long run. Much like we have seen over the past few weeks vs. St Louis and Chicago. Peterson has a competitive edge and has his eyes not only on the record, but on the prize of the playoffs.

Peterson should win MVP and will do so with the most professional class of any who have received this award. Adrian was awarded the Vikings Community Man of the Year Award for his active role in the community and was recently awarded the Ed Block Courage Award by his teammates for his recovery from his knee injury. Not only am I proud of Adrian Peterson's play, but the way he handles himself on and off the field. He makes an impact on many young children who look up to him. He is by far an idol of all Minnesota Vikings fans and deserves all the accolades he can receive.

In my previous post, I was very frustrated coming off a debacle at Lambeau Field. I took a few weeks to reevaluate and allowed myself to analyze the issues that were making me lose sleep at night. Watching the way this team has battled and has played until the final whistle, has brought great pride to me. I know that on any given Sunday, my team will play at it's highest level. I was very critical of Christian Ponder, but I have a whole new take on the whole situation.

When you take a look at the most elite quarterbacks in this league, they were all given adequate time to learn from a veteran. We must remember Ponder was never given this luxury and is only in his second season in the NFL. Despite his poor decision-making, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings defense have carried the load and have the Vikings in a position to make the playoffs.

There are several scenarios for the Vikings to make the playoffs, but the one key is for them to win the last two games. The can clinch a playoff berth if two of the three NFC East opponents including Washington, New York, or the Cowboys lose this Sunday and the Vikings can defeat the Houston Texans. A remarkable feat considering the Vikings were 3-13 last season. It certainly is a praise to Rick Spielman who drafted the best rookies in the league that could make an impact immediately.

I'm proud of the way the Vikings bounced back and the way they have handled themselves in adversity. No matter the outcome over the next few weeks, I will be very proud of my team and the successful season they have had. They proved many people wrong and have the chance to continue this trend on the road to the NFL playoffs.

We will have much more later this week, previewing one of the biggest Minnesota Vikings games in several seasons as the Vikings look to continue their winning ways in Houston at Reliant Stadium.

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