Friday, November 9, 2012

A Plead to the Vikings Organization

I recently received an email from the Minnesota Vikings organization regarding survey questions for the building of the new stadium. If you haven't already participated in this email survey please voice your opinion. The survey revolves mainly around potential seating section prices and the dreaded threat of seat licensing (SBL's) appeared frequently in the survey. Many of the plans resulted in purchasing the seat (one-time fee) for between $4,000-8,000. On top of this one time charge, you would annually pay for your season tickets with the lowest price being $990 per seat (per season fee).

Altough there are financing options and the license fee can be paid off at a later date, this will effect average Vikings chances of viewing and supporting their favorite team. Fans in the great state of Minnesota have had the opportunity to afford tickets to Minnesota Vikings games since their beginning in 1961. Do we want to continue this trend and give our fans the opportunity to attend football games on a frequent basis? We must remember we don't live in a finacially wealthy market such as New York or Dallas. The following NFL teams currently have SBL's or seat licensing at their NFL stadiums.

  • Baltimore Ravens PSL
  • Carolina Panthers PSL
  • Chicago Bears PSL
  • Cincinnati Bengals COA (Charter Ownership Agreements)
  • Cleveland Browns PSL
  • Dallas Cowboys SL (Seat Licenses) (Effective at Cowboys Stadium only.)
  • New York Giants PSL (Effective in the New Meadowlands Stadium only. Buying Giants PSL does NOT give ticket rights for Jets.)
  • New York Jets PSL (Effective in the New Meadowlands Stadium only. Policies differ from the Giants. Buying Jets PSL does NOT give ticket rights for Giants.)
  • Houston Texans PSL
  • Philadelphia Eagles SBL (Stadium Builder Licenses)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers SL
  • San Francisco 49ers SBL (Stadium Builder Licenses)
  • Seattle Seahawks CSL (Charter Seat Licenses)
  • St. Louis Rams PSL
  • Tennessee Titans PSL

  • The Vikings organization hasn't appeared in the media to reveal their thoughts of SBL's, but through the survey you can form the opinion that they are strongly suggesting thoughts about seat licensing. If this were to occur, we would struggle to fill the stadium on each and every Sunday. In the current stadium we are struggling to sell-out each game and have many empty seats in the upper deck. Just imagine if the ticket prices were doubled or tripled in value; the stands wouldn't be full at all. We are already smack in the middle of a difficult economic time and people aren't going to be able to afford to fork over thousands of dollars for a NFL season ticket package.

    So if you are completely against seat licensing and are a season ticker holder, please check your email and fill out the survey to prevent the organization from getting ideas about seat licensing. It only takes a few moments to fill out the survey and it will make your voice heard on the situation.

    We all are a collective group of Minnesota Vikings fans and we want to be supportive on each and every Sunday. Through voicing our opinions, we can show the Minnesota Vikings the type of seating prices that best fit our interests. I plead to the Minnesota Vikings to take a strong look at our market before beginning to think about seat licensing in the new stadium.

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