Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What amenities are a must at the new Vikings Stadium?

With the Vikings new stadium there are many amenities fans would like to improve their overall experience. I feel there are several key features needed in the new stadium that make me cringe at the Metrodome.

Develop wider rows: to increase leg room and ability to move without stepping on other fans feet. If you have been to TCF Bank Stadium, the rows are spaced out just perfect. At the Metrodome, this is an absolute nightmare. You feel like you have little room to move.
Make the concourse huge: to improve flow of traffic and to ease congestion when leaving the game.
Put TV’s in the bathroom!: I hate when you have to go take a leak and there is a huge line and you miss the biggest play of the game. Put several televisions in the bathroom, so we don’t miss the action.
Put in a Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame: add busts of the former players and coaches in the Ring of Honor to showcase their careers. Also, add game worn merchandise from historic games to add some true meaning.
Establish a restaurant: Make the restaurant and have a menu with names related to historic Vikings moments. Also, I like the feature of having the restaurant near the locker room like at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.
Huge Video board: It will be nice to not have to squint to see a highlight on the little video boards at the Metrodome.
Enclosed glass: in the endzones would provide excellent lighting to the stadium.
Huge projection TV outside stadium: Put this projector near the tailgating section so during pre and postgame coverage fans can see what is going on.
Establish a Minnesota Vikings Memories Atrium: you could walk into the stadium and look at photos and videos streaming on the wall of past teams and players. Have the Locker room store and collectible store in this area so fans have an area to purchase merchandise.

Overall, I can’t wait to see the stadium when it is finished. The Wilf’s are excellent at building, designing, and developing excellent experiences. Anything other than the Metrodome will see like Taj Mahal to Vikings fans. In the comment section please add amenities you would like to see at the new stadium. Ultimately, I hope the Vikings listen to fans and take into account their interests when constructing this stadium.

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