Friday, June 29, 2012

Offset Language Holding up signing of Vikings Kalil

Many Minnesota Vikings fans are wondering why top draft pick Matt Kalil hasn’t agreed to a rookie contract as of yet. With all the Vikings draft picks besides Kalil being signed, this brings up a major question mark. The top 8 picks in the 2012 NFL Draft remained unsigned weeks after the NFL Draft. Sources close to the situation are saying that all eight teams are pushing for so-called "offset language" that would take them off the hook for a player's salary if he is released before the rookie deal is up and subsequently signs with a new team. This is key because teams want to make sure they aren’t making a mistake that they could regret down the road. The odds of a rookie being released before his rookie deal is over are extremely slim and if the player is released, odds are another team won’t want to take a chance on them. Therefore, the team wouldn’t be up for the salary that the player would have been owed. Vikings fans will not have to worry about Kalil though; he will be the leader of the offensive line for years to come. We can look for Matt Kalil’s contract to be finalized soon and we can expect his contract to be a four to five year deal worth about 20 to 30 million. We will not have to worry about a holdout like in past years due to the new CBA which isn’t allotting as much money to top draft picks. This helps team’s pay for veterans who make an impact each season. This change has resulted in less room for movement when it comes to agreeing to a rookie contract. I can’t wait to see the impact Matt Kalil and all the Viking’s draft have on the Minnesota Vikings this season.

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